Becoming an expat and leaving everything I know behind

I graduated from University in Manchester with a degree in Social Care. After graduating I realised there is only so much you can do with a degree in this field, most of it with a small salary and without actually needing the qualification in the first place. This is when I decided that I wanted to change career paths, I just didn’t know what career to take. I started looking into post graduate courses but with the endless choices, it was hard to make a decision.

I have always been interested in working with children and have often thought about teaching but didn’t want to commit to a qualification without really knowing. That’s where the idea of teaching abroad came about. I mentioned it to my boyfriend out of curiosity and he was all for it, having wanted to go and experience something life changing while still young enough anyway. So that’s where we decided, there and then, to move abroad and start our new lives in another country.

We had both been to Thailand before, loved everything about it and could quite happily see ourselves living there. That along with the amazing food and cheap lifestyle, we were sold on the idea. So the next step was planning the small details. We found a deal on groupon with a bargain price for a Teaching English as a foreign language course and completed it online within three months.

The next bit gets a little tricky, organising visas, booking flights and the hardest part was telling our families. We gave ourselves an idea of six months abroad and then longer if we enjoy it. So that was the plan, telling our parents we are moving abroad for six months. Surprisingly, it went quite well as they knew we had been thinking about it. We gave in notices at our well-paid jobs and our flat in Manchester, moved home for a week or two to say bye and made our way to the airport, leaving everything we knew behind and having no clue at all about the next steps of our big move.


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