The journey to find a job begins!

You can’t decide to go and live in another country without exploring what the country has to offer before settling down to a job and a place to live. So that’s exactly what I decided to do, travel more of Thailand first and settle when we run out of money. The school year started two months later anyway so it seemed like the best option. Thailand is such an incredible country to explore, the north is surrounded by jungle and wildlife and in the south, you have some of the most idyllic beaches and islands you will ever see.

We decided to fly up to Chiang mai and settle there. Chiang mai is like a dream in itself, its unreal. One side is a huge city with loads of shopping centres and crazy Thai traffic. The other is a rainforest with wild monkeys swinging in the trees, surrounded by huge mountains you can see for miles.

So Chiang mai was our home for the next six months, or so we thought. Let me tell you, living out of a backpack in a tiny hotel room for more than two weeks is far from ideal. Our days consisted of jumping in one of Thailand’s well known tuk-tuk’s to search around local markets and supermarkets for work attire. Then having to walk around aimlessly trying to locate schools in 38 degree heat, handing out cv’s not even knowing if schools are even hiring yet, sweat pouring from areas I didn’t even know existed and desperately looking for a place to empty my bladder. Let’s just say it’s an experience I don’t think I’ll forget in a long time!


One thought on “The journey to find a job begins!

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