Climbing the sticky waterfalls!

Having not long lived in Thailand, we were keen to explore the surrounding areas of Chiang Mai. A few friends from our school invited us to check out Bua Thong waterfalls (or Sticky waterfalls as they are more commonly known).

Another very scenic 1 hour’s drive from the centre of Chiang Mai. We arrived at the waterfalls which were incredible I must say. Three tiers of the falls, all of which you can climb, hence their name! A little apprehensive, we didn’t quite believe you could actually climb up a waterfall. The rocks looked really slippery, but you can climb right to the top and have a lovely view down the falls.


Climbing down was the hard part, and the scariest too, but all part of the fun! We climbed down further to the lowest of the 3 tiers, where there was a waterfall shower. Spend a few minutes under that, not only are you completely wet through but you’ve had an incredible back massage for free! We were spotted by a family from our school, which was a little awkward considering I was in a bikini and speaking to a guy we work with. Spend a few hours at the falls and you’ve got a great day out of central Chiang Mai, well worth the visit and it’s free too!11401011_10153205485480845_7572055475499862294_n


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