A foot massage from a Thai ex-inmate!



I’ve had a Thai massage before, I swore to myself NEVER AGAIN! But here I was about to go into a Thai massage parlour for the second time. OK so never again doesn’t rule out a Thai foot massage does it? My ‘never again’ promise was from an agonising experience, I don’t think I’ll ever forget. But after 6 months, it’s safe to say I’ve just about gotten over the physical pain, but mentally, not a chance!

Deciding a foot massage would be much more relaxing and hopefully a lot less pain, I decided to have a massage by a Thai ex-inmate. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say!

I’d heard about Lila massage from another blogger, and was keen to try something different. The masseuses were once convicted of a crime and as part of serving their time in prison, they were professionally trained to learn how to become a Thai masseuse. Outside the prison grounds, they found it difficult gain employment having a criminal background, so Lila massage was set up to give employment to all those who have professionally trained inside.

You’re assigned a masseuse subject to the type of massage you have chosen. Inside, you’re immediately taken care of, feet washed and cleaned, you take a seat in a very comfortable massage chair and are given a cup of delicious complementary Thai tea.


feet washed and ready to go!

I don’t remember much about the next hour, all I know is that my feet have never felt better, honestly. I do remember the embarrassment on my face when certain parts of my feet were ticklish and my reflexes were pulling away. I also remember the Chinese guy next to me, flat out asleep and partially snoring.

I caught a glimpse into the room opposite, where I saw someone having a full Thai body massage. His legs were being pushed and pulled in directions I didn’t even know were possible, in fact I don’t think they were! It looked terrifyingly painful and I was immediately very happy with my decision of a foot massage instead.


An incredible foot massage

My 1 hour time slot soon came to an end; I just wish it could have gone on for longer. Stepping up from the comfort of the massage chair, my feet felt so smooth and putting on my new sandals from Zalora, just felt incredible. There’s nothing like putting on new shoes after having a foot massage! My feet continued to feel great for the next few days. I’ve now made myself a promise to go for a Thai foot massage once a month, why not? You should try it, if you’re ever in Chiang Mai, I’d definitely recommend Lila massage, they have five branches throughout the old town too! Well worth a visit!


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