Chased by Monkeys in the Batu caves, KL!

I love Monkeys or so I thought! Heading to the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur was at the top of my travel to – do list. Reading all about it and seeing other travellers’ photos, I quickly became jealous seeing their numerous close up’s of Monkeys and getting those awesome shots I’ve only dreamt of getting before.


A golden statue 30 ft high stands at the foot of the caves, and then you have the test of 300 or so steep steps to climb to reach the magnificent caves. Dark and gloomy inside, bats flying above and wild monkeys stealing food from tourists, it was definitely an unusual sight to see. Add to that a few Hindu statues and a huge shine filled with people showing their respects, it’s a tourist hotspot and a great place to check out if you’re in Kuala Lumpur. If your lucky, you might even spot a chicken inside the caves too!


thumbnail_IMG_2786 (1)

A chicken and a monkey inside a cave, not something you see every day!

Reaching the second part of the caves, you find yourself approaching a huge cave, with a large opening at the top revealing the glorious sunshine and 35 degrees heat. On the steps leading up to the shrine, I saw a man taking a handful of bananas as an offering up to the large Hindu shrine in the middle. I think you can guess how the story goes from here. Three monkeys come out of nowhere and one of them, (the leader it looked like) grabbed the whole bunch of bananas and ran away. The man was angry, very angry and started to chase after the monkeys himself. 


Watch out for the monkeys on the stairs!

Note to everyone reading: do not buy bananas from the street stalls outside, unless your buying them to feed the monkeys!

On the way back down that enormous staircase, we spotted an attraction called the dark caves. You can pay 35MYR to have a 45 minute guided tour around the caves, wearing headlamps and trying to spot living things inside the cave. I took one look on the boards outside, spotted one saying these caves are home to one of the rarest spiders and I literally ran away from my biggest phobia of all time. That is not something I would pay to see!


What was amazing to see were dozens of monkeys jumping all around the place. There’s street food vendors outside the caves,  selling delicious Indian sweets and snacks. I couldn’t help but spot monkeys perched on bins eyeing up their next victims buying food. I brought a selection of Indian sweets for the journey home and was surrounded by monkeys chasing me trying to sample my treats. I had to bury the plastic bag at the bottom of my handbag so they didn’t grab it. Although a lady in front of me wasn’t so careful. I saw a scary looking monkey jump right onto her chest, stole her plastic bag of snacks and ran away.  It looked very scary actually. 



I highly recommend visiting the Batu caves if you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur. Just jump on a train to KL Sentral station and change to the KTM Komuter to Batu Caves. Only 5.20MYR for a return ticket and the train stops right outside the cave attraction. It’s open until 8pm and admission is free, although donations are welcome. Just be aware of those thieving Monkeys!



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